About Us

BBL Foods – formerly know as Amber Biscuits has been in the biscuit baking business f It started with the production of biscuits on continuous automatic biscuit lines under the flagship brand of Amber and was a pioneer in developing India’s first sandwich cream biscuits. Its biscuits were known for their fine taste and quality. In early 1990 it went on to become the market leader in manufacturing ice cream cones on the world’s best Austrian machines under the brand name of Amber itself. Some of its prestigious customers since the very inception include McDonalds & KFC. Also during the same period, it developed India’s first desiccated coconut enrobed chocolate and wafer enrobed chocolate, under the brand name of Atari. As the group developed the expertise to manufacture the biscuit machinery for indigenous use, it went on to do turnkey projects for manufacturing & supply of complete biscuit lines to new players in Bangladesh & Sri Lanka which now are market players in their respective countries.
In early 2001, the parent company coaxed Britannia into the cookie business to produce a premium range of Danish cookies called Pure Magic, and till date is the exclusive manufacturer of Britannia for the same. BBL foods then went on to produce India’s most premium, first-of-its kind chocolate chip biscuit called Hide & Seek, made with a rotary moulder on an automatic biscuit line. Being technically strong and experienced with working on cone machines, it then also went on to import, used automatic high capacity cream wafer lines & reconditioned the same to supply to the market leaders in this category.
Founder of Amber Biscuits, late Mr. Balvinder Pal Singh’s younger son
Bakshish Mutchall set up Mutchall Engineering in 2005.
Till then all the bakery biscuits produced by the unorganized players involved in the supply driven model were producing biscuits manually. It was his brain child to automate the process and increase the top line of these players.
Mutchall Engineering was one of the first in India to develop wire cut cookie machines in line with American technology. This machine was very basic. Then it went on to develop the best in business, the i- Touch Cookie Depositor using Italian technology wherein the baker could produce unlimited shapes and sizes of deposited cookies extruded through nozzles. Till date it has sold 500 of these machines to various customers in every state in India. Its customers include the market leaders in their respective local areas.
It also has customers in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East, South Africa, East Africa, Eastern Europe, United States of America, South America and Australia.
Since its inception Mutchall Engineering has sold machines to more than 500 customers producing cookies in different locations across the country.
Mutchall Engineering passionately works towards developing technology & products unseen in the country. Its recent introduction to the market is the Twin Drop Cookie Depositor which can produce double colour cookies – the most premium in the segment. It also developed a multi-forming machine that can produce traditional bakery biscuits like Nankhatai, fruit biscuits etc., which are high in fat percentage, with nil water content to give a real short bite.
Also, the company has developed encrusting machines with a capacity to produce twin colour cookies with a wide a range of filling options to make center filled cookies. With a technical tie-up, it is gearing up to manufacture a complete automatic online cookie line with continuous traveling steel band oven, suitable for higher production output and minimum labour requirement.
If you are looking to produce any type of biscuit in the world, be it any shape, design or taste – we have the technology to achieve that.
We don’t just sell machines, we help our customers in producing the best quality biscuit and cookies.