For complete range of stationary, rotary,long swirl & wire cut cookies

The i-Touch is the only depositor of its size to be equipped with the large, fully programable, colour touch screen which makes it most user friendly. It comes with a selection of pre-installed programs, which can be temporarily or permanently modified and you can also create your own programs. The fast Delta PLC stores upto 99 programs for individual products.

With its exceptional accuracy of deposit shapes and numbers, and absolute repeatability of product type, week-in week-out, the i-Touch can produce an almost endless range of products and shapes.

No chains & mechanical parts

The machine has a unique ability to operate on independent geared and servo motors for all the functions, which provides the flexibility to make different kinds of products.

Technical specifications:

  1. Wire cut – 45 strokes per minute
  2. Depositor – 35 strokes per minute (Servo Model)
  3. Operating width / Tray width:

9” (225 mm) – 3 Nozzles

13” (325 mm) – 5 Nozzles

16” (400 mm) – 6 Nozzles

18” (450 mm) – 7 Nozzles

24” (600 mm) – 9 Nozzles

27” (685 mm) – 10 Nozzles

  1. Two wire cut dies and one depositor die are included with the machine
  2. Total power requirement – 3 HP
  3. Production capacities: for example on 18” (450 mm) 7 Nozzles

of operating width:

  1. Using wire cut, 8 gms. cookie weight, 45x7x50 min.= 126 kgs. per hour

B )Using depositor, 8 gms. cookie weight, 35x7x50 min.= 98 kgs. per hour