For Drop, Wirecut Cookies
Suitable for Trays operating width 16″, 18″ 24″
On Depositor : 25 strokes per minute
On Wire cut : 45 strokes per minute
No of Drives – 4 Nos,
Main Roller – 1 No,
Wire Cut – 1 No,
Conveyor – 1 No,
Up/Down – 1 No ( Servo Motor),
Complete Stainless Steel construction,
Geared Motors are from Transtech make,
Servo Drive Motor from Delta for tray up/ down movement,
Proximity Switch from Sunx, PLC From Delta,
Variable Frequency Drive from Delta,
Touch Screen Display panel from Delta,
1. Wire cut function for high-speed production
2. Stationary Drop function for designe cookies.
The machine also includes:-
* One Depositor Die
* 10 Designs of Nozzles of your choice, each design set has 10 pieces each.
* 2 Wire Cut Dies
The machine produces upto 100kgs depending upon the item)
of cookies per hour (Average weight 10 gm per cookies).
Power Connected Load- 3 HP
Machine Size – width- 3.3 feets x Length 4.9 feets, x Height 4.5 feets